Confusion of the Aggronaut

Random Debris Belghast Consumed

Comic - Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #01 (Skottie Young Cover)

Rogue by Stephanie Hans

Fears Verified

Fears Verified #Aggronaut #Blaugust dealing with two deaths in the family

Death Visits

It is shaping up to be a bad week.  I realize at this point it is Saturday and the week is technically over, but bear with me.  Thursday I got a text from my father telling me that my Aunt Inez had passed away.  Technically she is a Great Aunt and the sister of my Grandmother that passed away close to a decade ago now.  So given her age it is not terribly shocking news, but I feel…

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Cannot be Tamed Questionnaire: Part Three

Cannot be Tamed Questionnaire: Part Three #Aggronaut #Blaugust I wrap up the @Jasyla_ survey challenge! finally…

Wrapping it Up

Over the last few days I have been answering a Gaming Questionnaire, and with a little luck this morning I should be wrapping that up.  You can check out part one and two and see what the earlier answers were, or you can check out the original survey here.  Without further stalling… here goes the answering of the final leg of this survey.  Be Warned…  this leg of the journey is…

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Cannot Be Tamed Questionnaire: Part Two

Cannot Be Tamed Questionnaire: Part Two #Aggronaut #Blaugust I do part two of the @Jasyla_ survey

Resuming the Survey

Yesterday I really did not make it terribly far into the survey before I simply ran out of time.  If you want to check out the first part see my previous post.  I will be picking up where I left off this morning and hopefully getting significantly further.  There are a number of awesome responses to all of the questions floating about so I highly suggest you check out the…

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Cannot Be Tamed Questionnaire: Part 1

Cannot Be Tamed Questionnaire: Part 1 I start @Jasyla_ survey and only make it through six questions

Packaged with a Bow

I am not sure if this was intended to draw out posts during Blaugust or not, but yesterday Jasyla over at Cannot Be Tamed posted a survey.  I seem to be able to rattle on every morning without much issue, but I am always thankful when a ready made post is handed to me so neatly.  In part my hope is that through my own blog post and Liore’s (who turned me onto this) we will get…

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Change is Scary

Change is Scary #Aggronaut #Blaugust - a rant against exclusionary gaming practices

Gatekeeping a Hobby

Yesterday was one of those strange days where a lot of people were talking about the same ideas.  I was not privy to the original source that sparked the discussion, but several of my friends over twitter were talking about the definition of a “real gamer”.  It seems that someone was spouting off in their lack of knowledge that tablet and mobile gamers were in some way lesser…

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