Confusion of the Aggronaut

Random Debris Belghast Consumed

SweetFX and ESO

SweetFX and ESO #Aggronaut #Fallout3 #SweetFX #ENB #ElderScrollsOnline

Fallout and HDR

Fallout3 2014-07-14 18-24-13-252Last night when I got home I continued down the dark journey of messing about with Fallout 3 mods and trying to achieve that look I had seen in many screenshots.  As of last night I had gotten a “better” looking experience but I wasn’t quite there.  It seems like the thing I was missing was one of the many post processing shader injection tools out there.  Apparently to get the…

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Wandering Auridon

Wandering Auridon #Aggronaut #Fallout3 modded #ElderScrollsOnline

Cheating on AggroChat

I don’t believe I said anything about this beforehand, but once again I was invited to guest host on Game On the podcast hosted by @GameByNight and @Liores.  I guess this means I didn’t make an ass of myself the first time they had me on.  I have a lot of fun doing the podcast with them, because since I have known both for quite some time… it just feels like…

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We Kill Routers

Running About in OKC

randompenandpaper My wife and I first got hooked on Half Priced Booksduring a random trip to Dallas Texas.  I had heard of the chain before, but had never been to one.  At that point we had a Garmin GPS and we punched “book” into the POI search and happened to find one nearby.  From that point onwards when we went to a new area we immediately searched to see if they had any of the stores. …

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Tunnel Works

Tunnel Works #Aggronaut #Minecraft #AofA server

Hurry Up and Blog

This mornings blog post is likely going to be a quick and abbreviated one as we need to get on the road soon.  The wife and I are going off to Oklahoma City today in search of the illusive Half Priced Books store and my mission for the day… lots and lots of Cash America pawn shops.  Last weekend I managed to pick up some amazing deals on used PS3 games at that chain, and there…

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Base Building and Wormholes

Base Building and Wormholes #Aggronaut #AofA #Minecraft #TheSearchForCactus

Zombie Shamble

This morning I am shambling around the house in a zombie like state.  For whatever reason I seem to have not slept well last night.  I remember waking up at many moments to either kick the covers off or freezing and cover back up.  My wife has wondered if she is coming down with something, and I am honestly starting to wonder if this is something more than just allergies.  All I…

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Return to Minecraft

Return to Minecraft #Aggronaut #AofA #Minecraft #Farscape

When it Rains…

The old euphemism “when it rains it pours” is fitting today because it is absolutely drenched outside… and additionally we have been dealing with all sorts of issues this week.  Over the weekend we had to deal with my wife’s vehicle and the tensioner going out in a rather dramatic way.  For those that don’t remember we were driving Sunday and the bolt essentially sheared causing…

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The Pause Button

The Pause Button #Aggronaut #SinglePlayerGames #SteamBacklog #OddThomas #TheRaven

It’s Not You, It’s Me

WildStar64 2014-06-25 20-39-45-594Right now I find myself struggling to get excited about anything in the MMO genre.  I think I part I am feeling this overwhelming feeling that there are so many games that are not MMOs that I want to be playing.  For years I have just defaulted to playing an MMO for so many different reasons.  For starters it was more or less my social lifeline and the primary way that I…

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Impressive but Still Beta

Impressive but Still Beta #Aggronaut #SteamStreaming #PS3 #Fallout3

Auto Update

“Wow, I’ve never seen that happen before” is generally something you never want to hear uttered from an auto mechanic.  That said at this point my wife’s vehicle is fixed and ready to go and seems to have no negative impact.  Apparently on the Pontiac Torrent there are two different sizes of bolts that can be used to attach the tensioner.  Quite simply when they replaced that part…

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Divinity Weekend

Divinity Weekend #Aggronaut @larianstudios #DivinityII #DragonCommander #DivinityOriginalSin #PlayAllTheRivellon

Auto Excitement

For the most part we hung out around the house yesterday and devoted most of the entire day to working through the mountain of laundry.  As the day drug on, my wife had a few errands that she wanted to run so around 3 pm we got ready and took her vehicle as it needed gassing up.  For some time it had been squealing mercilessly, but she took it to an auto place Thursday and they…

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