Confusion of the Aggronaut

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Easing Into Eorzea: Early Leveling

Easing Into Eorzea: Early Leveling #Aggronaut #EasingIntoEorzea I continue #FFXIV guide series with early leveling

Leveling Your Class

As stated yesterday Easing Into Eorzea is my attempt to explain some of the unique concepts in Final Fantasy XIV from the perspective of a traditional western MMO gamer.  There are a number of concepts that come up in Final Fantasy XIV that are not immediately relatable based on past experience.  It is my hope that I can act as a bridge to help players get adjusted to these…

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Easing Into Eorzea: Classes

Easing Into Eorzea: Classes #Aggronaut #EasingIntoEorzea start of #FFXIV guide series to help new players out

A New Guide Series

With so many new people coming back to Final Fantasy XIV, some of which my doing… I thought it might be useful to start a new guide series to explain some of the concepts of the game that do not quite map up to the western MMO traditions.  Simply put there are some ideas in this game that just are not obvious at first glance.  My goal with this new series is to help a player…

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Angry Red Ball

Angry Red Ball #Aggronaut #FFXIV 1st and 2nd turn of Binding Coil and some #Destiny afterwards

Starting Coil

ffxiv 2014-09-09 20-18-41-319For some time now after coming back to the game, we have been in a process of getting enough level 50 characters up to be able to tackle the official 8 man raid in the game.  Now there is a 24 man raid, but to some extent I equate that to the LFR system in World of Warcraft.  Both Labyrinth of the Ancients and Syrcus Tower are tuned in such a way as to allow complete strangers to be…

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Destiny is Gorgeous

Destiny is Gorgeous rolling a robo-bel in #Destiny and starting binding coil in #FFXIV

Squandering the Morning

My Great Capture Screen Shot 2014-09-09 06-09-24This morning I have absolutely squandered my morning away, because today the servers for Destiny came up.  In truth the servers came up over the night, and there are already a large number of folks milling around in Tower that are level 10 or so.  This morning my overriding goal was to get a character created and get it to tower so I could eventually meet up with friends…

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Atma Weapon Get

Atma Weapon Get #Aggronaut I finish my Atma grind in #FFXIV and begin the Animus one

Naps Are Evil

This morning I am completely dragging and seem to be wallowing in a near zombie like state.  The answer to my predicament is rather simple.  I indulged in taking a nap with my wife yesterday, and as a result I paid a heavy price.  As glorious as naps feel, I for whatever reason cannot take them.  I mean I can fall asleep for a nap just fine, but the act of napping dooms me to being…

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Dark Portal Closes

Dark Portal Closes #Aggronaut #Aggrochat episode 21 and I cancel #WoW for potentially the last time

Larva and Whales

Last night we recorded our 21st episode of AggroChat, and it was a pretty enjoyable time.  I was joined by the original cast of Ashgar, Rae and Kodra.  This issue was more defined by what we didn’t want to talk about than what we actually wanted to talk about.  A few of us wanted to avoid the gamersgate debacle at all costs, and overall I think we did a fine job of doing just…

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Finally Turquoise

Finally Turquoise #FFXIV #Rift I finally manage to get my Chocobo to exactly the right color!

A Stronger Message

Yesterday various things happened, and it left me feeling like I needed to present a slightly stronger message about my feelings regarding issues.  I still stand by my statement earlier in the week that everyone simply needs to be excellent to one another, and that would go a long ways in fixing issues.  Since then some things have happened and I feel like I need to make a…

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Night of the Atmas

Night of the Atmas #Aggronaut #FFXIV Eight of Twelve Atmas, and more Chocobo madness

One Last Try at Turquoise

ffxiv 2014-09-05 06-23-11-309Yesterday the fruit that I planted in our guild hall garden ripened and I suddenly had 36 Mamook Pear (+green) and 36 O’ghomoro Berries (+blue) to play with.  So last night I thought I would try and jump around the less than accurate flowchart by feeding my Chocobo 10 each still in an effort to get to turquoise.  This morning once again I was excited to wake up and see…

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Be Awesome Human Beings

Be Awesome Human Beings #Aggronaut unintended post about the current issues in our community.

Rough Week

This morning as I was getting ready I was happy and in a pretty good mood.  All the while I went through my normal morning routine I thought to myself “well at least it is Friday”.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…  it is not in fact Friday.  I have no clue why I got it into my head that it was Friday, especially considering it is a short week for us here in the United States.  In…

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