Confusion of the Aggronaut

Random Debris Belghast Consumed

Leopard Print Paladin

Leopard Print Paladin #Aggronaut grinding aimlessly in #Destiny and pushing paladin to 46 in #FFXIV

Susceptible to Grind

Destiny_20140920104852This weekend I played a good bit of Destiny because it is the perfect game for those moments when I don’t feel like I am get into something terribly detailed.  I play this game much in the same fashion as I play Diablo 3, in short bursts with the ability to jettison out if needed to go do something else.  As such this has become in many ways the game I play when I know we are…

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Fallen London

Fallen London #Aggronaut #AggroChat ep 23 and #SteampoweredSunday feat @failbettergames #FallenLondon

AggroChat Episode 23

// night once again we gathered myself, Rae, Ashgar, Kodra and Tam and recorded yet another action filled episode of Aggrochat.  I would love to think it was action filled, but more likely than not it was just a lot…

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Of Game Servers

Of Game Servers I talk about the problems of server based games, and potential solutions

The Server Dilemma

This week there has been a bit of a war waging in the ArcheAge community between two factions.  The first faction wants them to open new servers so that they can play the game and not have to wait in 10+ hour long queues.  The second faction doesn’t want new servers to be opened at any cost, because it serves to dilute the community, and in a game where land ownership is a…

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Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In #Aggroanut watching the #ArcheAge launch from the outside is interesting

Game Launches

ARCHEAGE 2014-05-08 11-36-43-71 This is going to end up sounding like a strange topic for me to talk about, especially since I have raged at length on this blog before about bad game launches.  However that said, it seems odd to be on the outside looking in at a game launch going horribly awry.  For the first little bit I could fall back on the statement of “have these people never seen a game launch before?” but…

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Minecraft and Microsoft

Minecraft and Microsoft #Aggroanut #Minecraft sale commentary and #FFXIV story 8 man dungeons

Of Minecraft and Microsoft

minecraft-xbox-one Monday the news broke that Microsoft would be buying Mojang, the company behind Minecraft for 2.5 billion dollars.  Since then I’ve seen a lot of varied reactions on this, but I had not quite formulated my own thoughts yesterday morning so I didn’t mention it.  I admit I am a bit scared for Minecraft as a game to be in the often ham fisted hands of Microsoft.  The…

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Hopelessness of Odin

Hopelessness of Odin #Aggronaut #FFXIV taking down Odin and 2.38 patch featuring @Sagacyte

Impending Patch

Last night was an odd evening for a handful of reasons.  For starters when I first got home I attempted not to get into anything terribly involved.  As such I did a random low level duty roulette and managed to get Haukke Manor.  I think overall it went really smoothly, especially considering we had a brand new White Mage that had never healed it before.  I attempted to explain…

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Dance of my People

Dance of my People #Aggronaut #FFXIV Jiggle Hat event and more #Destiny

Enter the Jigglehats

ffxiv 2014-09-14 22-10-22-567 Yesterday the Breaking Brick Mountainsevent started in FFXIV which is a repeat of an earlier event used to commemorate the launch of DragonQuest X.  For those not terribly familiar with the Dragon Warrior/DragonQuest franchise, it has a rather distinctive art style.  So seeing that art style appear in Final Fantasy XIV is extremely entertaining.  The quests have this great…

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Of Animus Books

Of Animus Books #Aggronaut #Aggrochat episode 22, #FFXIV Tidal Barding and Animus Weapon Grind

Destiny of Poppy

Last night we recorded the latest episode of AggroChat.  This week we were joined once again by Tam and the regular cast of AggroChat…  Asghar, Rae and Kodra.  I went into the night thinking we would end up gushing about Destiny quite a bit, but in truth it turns out we all have a some very valid complaints about the game.  We do in fact talk about the good points, but also we…

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Easing Into Eorzea: Advanced Leveling

Easing Into Eorzea: Advanced Leveling #Aggronaut #EasingIntoEorzea 3rd part of #FFXIV guide with Logs/Dailies/Dungeons

Advanced Leveling

Yesterday I covered a whole bunch of options you have while leveling, but I left out one of the more interesting but unusual systems.  Today I am going to delve into the “Log” system as well as provide some guidance for dungeons from the lowest levels all the way through the current content and how to unlock them.  Once again it is my goal to make this information far easier to…

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