Confusion of the Aggronaut

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Two Posts from the End

Two Posts from the End nearing end of #Blaugust with 29 still in running!

Life Got In the Way

While my daily blogging routine is set in stone now and I am absolutely unshakable in my devotion… my whole keeping tabs on the Blaugust event apparently wasn’t.  As a result I had managed to get massively behind in reading all of the blog posts and crediting them in my Google Drive spreadsheet.  I am not sure if I will be running this event again in the future, but if I do I…

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Flourishing Communites

Flourishing Communites ramble about gaming communities and the term gamer in general

No Longer Mainstream

This morning I am struggling more than a bit to find a topic to write about.  I keep coming back to a conversation last night on teamspeak regarding our identification or lack thereof with the term “gamer”.  One of my friends talked about how he has slowly distanced himself from the title because it no longer really offered anything in way of meaning for him.  It no longer…

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The Family I Know

The Family I Know I remember my aunt and play some #FFXIV

Of Large Families

I grew up Catholic which also means I come from a long line of extremely large families.  My Grandfather was one of five children, and each of them for the most part had five or six children of their own.  My mother for example is one of six siblings, and my “aunt” that just passed away is one of five.  The end result is that the get-togethers on that side of the family where…

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Family but Not Family

Family but Not Family playing chauffer then and #FFXIV relic weapon quest

Sleeping In

This mornings post is coming significantly late because yesterday was extremely draining.  I am not sure how much of it I said in previous posts but yesterday I went to the funeral of my Great Aunt in Oklahoma City.  Both my Mother and Father have their own medical issues to where if they were forced to drive it on their own they would have struggled seriously.  Right now my mother is…

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Adventures with Sound

Adventures with Sound #Aggronaut the switch to the Asus Xonar soundcard

The Crab Boss

1319862686_realtek-1Over the last several years every computer I have owned has had one thing in common.  The onboard sound card has been made by Realtek, and with each of them I have experienced various quirks.  Sometimes the mic output is too low, sometimes there is mechanical noise that I can never seem to filter out.  In all cases I have been annoyed to no end with dealing with them, but for the…

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A Darker Doctor

A Darker Doctor #Aggronaut #AggroChat #Blaugust #DoctorWho #FFXIV #UltimaWeapon

AggroChat Episode 19

Last night we recorded the latest episode of AggroChat, and welcomed back Kodra from GenCon.  For the most part the AggroChat crew has had their heads firmly planted in Final Fantasy XIV and that much hasn’t changed.  Kodra regaled us with the tales of what he did with his time at the convention.  LARPs are one of those things I have always been interested in but never really…

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