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Elder Dungeons

Elder Dungeons #Aggronaut #H1Z1 #TheEvilWithin #ElderScrollsOnline #Dungeons

H1Z1 Preview

h1n1 Yesterday was the big reveal of the new SOE game H1Z1.  While it should surprise no one… this is a zombie survival MMO.  With the name there is literally nothing else that it could have been.  Right now the details are pretty sketchy, but details are being collected on the official reddit.  It really looks like it is going to take what Rust and DayZ are doing, to the next level and…

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Bloodlust Pays Off

Bloodlust Pays Off #Aggronaut #TSW #ESO #WoW @Rowanblaze @Sypster

What’s Wrong with TSW?

TheSecretWorld 2013-06-04 22-55-41-12 There are a couple of really interesting posts by Sypster and Rowanblazethat talk about the problems with The Secret World combat system.  Mostly Syp’s post is him trying to articulate the way he feels about it, and then Rowan breaks down those points and tries to speak to each.  Combined they provide a really nice bookend and are extremely worth reading.  It is really…

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Back to the Sewers

Back to the Sewers #ElderScrollsOnline #ESO #WayrestSewers #Spring #RunsOnAToaster

Jonquils say so

jonquilsHere in Oklahoma we have had more than our fair share of ping pong weather of late.  This weekend I was happily running around in shorts, however when I went for my walk last night that same choice was rather chilly.  I wish the world would make up its damned mind to be honest, and preferably warm up.  I am afraid that once again we will go from cold to hot without much of a…

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Growing Stronger

Growing Stronger #HouseStalwart #ESO #WoD #FridgeFit

It Fit… Barely

fridgefitYesterday was crazy busy but we got up and around and dealt with all of the things that needed to be dealt with.  If you remember yesterday morning I was blogging in a lull between the flurry of activity, and waiting on the folks from Lowes to deliver the new fridge and haul away the old one.  We had measured the slot in the wall and the unit in store what felt like a dozen times,…

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Wandering Osage County

Wandering Osage County #Aggronaut #Photos #Legos #ElderScrollsOnline #ESO

Fridge Frenzy

frigidaire-refrigerator-interiorI don’t really deal with change well, even if it is a positive one.  As a result this morning I am a bundle of nerves and will maintain that state until the big event of the day is over.  As the title might suggest, we are getting a new fridge today.  We reached a point of equilibrium in determining that it had to happen immediately if not sooner.  For awhile the freezer was not…

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Savior of Glenumbra

Savior of Glenumbra #Aggronaut #ESO #TESO #Landmark @gypsy_syl

Awkward Ex-Coworkers

spicychickenWe are having some minor issues with my wife’s vehicle, so as a result I had to get up crazy early yesterday morning to drive her into work.  Crazy early because I still wanted to be able to blog like normal, and she generally leaves when I am about halfway done with my morning post.  As a result it made the entire day feel sluggish.  After work we made plans to go eat at one…

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Tanking Tamriel

Tanking Tamriel #Aggronaut #Tanking #Tamriel #TESO #DragonKnight

A Shift in Tanking

Screenshot_20140403_214617I had a conversation the other morning about Dragon Knight tanking, and what abilities I use.  As a result I thought it might be a useful blog post in waiting.  The big thing about Elder Scrolls Online is that as a tank we have to throw a lot of our preconceived notions away.  In previous games our mission in life has been to generate as much threat on as many targets as…

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Banished Cells and Fungal Grotto

Banished Cells and Fungal Grotto #Aggronaut #DualTanks #BanishedCells #FungalGrotto #TESO #Soundtrack

Life in Tornado Alley

A few days at it was 40* out, and now it is 72* this early in the morning.  While yes I live in Oklahoma, where the weather pattern can change in the blink of an eye.  However even for us this seems a bit abrupt.  It seems that Tornado season has snuck up on us.  Over the next several evenings we have a chance of a Tornado each and every night.  The high today is supposed to…

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